InkSpace > Reclaiming the Circle 2007-08

deceived perception
deceived perception
Multi plate color etching, relief & stencil
20" x 15"

The work titled "deceived perception" was in response to a project, “Re-interpreting the Middle East II: Artists Re-thinking Today's Terminology”. As an Indian artist, working in the US, when asked to make a visually comment for this project, I felt as an outsider, but took this opportunity as a challenge and became involved.
To best of my understanding, I incorporated my visual vocabulary with other Middle Eastern symbolic connotations. Politically, the Middle East has been the target of many things. We can only try to imagine what it might be like to be in that situation. What was/is going on in Middle East is a sensitive and serious topic. So was my choice of a repetitive target sign as a under tone for the image and red color in the image. I brought into my piece another Middle Eastern influence of cultural and social significance—the beautiful veil worn by woman to cover their heads. The veil is part of the image for aesthetical reasons, as well as the function of what veil does, which is to cover. On a parallel ground, I feel we always cover things up. We hide and run away from understanding the delicacy of political and social situations. The differences between the cultures are to be celebrated. In today’s world, these differences are directed toward misconceptions and deceived perceptions. We, as humans, need to unveil these differences and celebrate the global community.