InkSpace > Remain 2019

The work started as a reflection on loss - loss of connection with people and places or loss of one’s connection to themselves. But the project Remains allowed for space to not just reflect and remember what is lost and forgotten but through shifting one’s perception, it allowed for a new perspective and possibilities to focus on what is left, or what ‘remains’. It allows for nurturing past experiences and memories, and a space to contemplate and reinvent.

With the growing crisis of our lost connection and disconnect with each other and the outside world, it confronts us losing values of kindness, generosity, and passion. Works abstractly explore the themes of personal, social and environmental neglect and provides hope for positive transformation by preserving what remains. Remain utilizing techniques of collages, assemblage, and bricolage. It allows us to combine, rearrange, reuse and reorganize a previous closed set of materials and methods to re-contextualize and built new meanings.

"Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form." - Rumi