InkSpace > Reclaiming the Circle 2007-08

superficial encryption
superficial encryption
Multi plate color etching & stencil
14" x 11"

Superficial encryption; work from a curated portfolio project, "beyond surface"

Abstract: "beyond surface"
Our identities are convergence of our social, political and multicultural experiences, and integration of these diverse experiences informs our imagery. In today’s culture where identities are merging and no longer constrained by historical, geographical or political boundaries; printmaking is the medium for realizing the power of convergence. Printmaking is the universal language of image making because it transcends cultural borders, with an opportunity to share and celebrate our
The proposed portfolio beyond surface attempts to address sectarianism by identifying positive attributes reflected from a society made up of different cultures. The portfolio will also explore the new genre of printmaking, which goes beyond the surface of traditional substrata to create works/images using new and unconventional surfaces, techniques to express concepts and ideas.
The theme for this conference, convergence, “impressions of the space we inhabit”, associates the identity of a person as an impression of the space they live in. In working towards creating an identity or an image we have to look beyond skin / surface. We have to go beyond surface.

List of participants for “beyond surface”: Rakesh Bani, Charles Beneke, Christopher Cannon, Sean Caulfield, Margaret A. Craig, Jean A. Dibble, Wanda D Ewing, Melissa Haviland, Anita Jung, Ina Kaur, Shaurya Kumar, Karen Kunc, Delita Martin, Phyllis McGibbon, Kavita Nayar, Gregory Page, Gail D. Panske, Kathryn J. Reeves, Mark Ritchie, Sarah Smelser, Koichi Yamamoto, Melanie Yazzie.