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RED (Re/ad)
Red for Radical change

Stand against prejudice based on caste, class, race, and gender
One-of-a-kind (Variable editioned) RED magnets stand in solidary with ALL individuals collective.
One for each and everyone.

RED rad
ceramics | pins, magnets, and keychains
Variable limited edition; 2022

Red rad embody our collective yet unique individualistic being, and it stands in solidarity to support everyone’s freedom, for being open, accepting, fluid and one’s ever-evolving self.
These Red rad forms symbolize self-love as well as an empathic, kind, and passionate being, reminding us of our collective humanity.
Red Rad stands in solidarity and speaks for our shared suffering and pain due to discrimination, inequalities, and oppressive behavior.
Red Rads are solid fragile ceramic forms represent compassion and empathy, loudly yet in their own subtle way.