responsive practice > Declaration: A Delivery and Rendition of Expression

"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think".Margaret Mead

Declaration: A Delivery and Rendition of Expression
Mural by children of Kallron Ki Dhani, a Village close to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Medium: Chalk, Black and White house paint
Size: 2 feet x 30 feet (approx.) Year: 2018

“Declaration,” was an opportunity for a direct, pure yet powerful expression. It was a space for understanding, reflection and expressing my thoughts and feeling and for kids, a space to express their realities, dreams, and hopes. An overwhelmingly powerful realization from the expression of our young minds was not only to see delicacy, joy, and confidence in their expressions but also the lack of it.

My many conversations even before the project “declaration’ became the reality affected me very deeply. We the “elders” - parents, teachers, and politicians are to be blamed for our children’s lack of imagination and expression. It made me ever more conscious of our treacherous and corrupt system(s) (social and political) which has left me with disgust and guilt.
We ARE to find happiness in the innocence of these kids delivery and rendition of expression but ALSO allow for their growth with proper guidance and support for them to explore and find themselves.

Special thanks: Project was possible with the help of Anant Mahamalla.