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Declaration _ Image
Declaration _ Image
Chalk on Black house paint
Size Variable

We all played
We played with black
Black had everything
Which no one could see

It was beautiful and ugly
It was messy and clean
It was strong and soft
It was huge and still little
It was wet and it was clear

We drew and we drew some more from the black
Black had light - black was shinning
Shining through its line
Lines - making lines - continues lines

black revealed bicycles, and birds
to go far and fly high
Black had tigers and mouse
To be fearless and to be fast
Black had houses and plants
To give shelter and food

Black had peacock and cars
To give beauty and speed
Black had sun and trees
To give light and shade
Black had butterflies and bicycles
To ride away and be free

Black had everything - that we can see
To express and to unleash
Black had light to play with
We all played
We played in black
Black had everything
Which no one could see!