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untitled (change)
untitled (change)
detailed view with performer Jeff Wallace

The venue (Jacques building, once) has functioned as a church, a Cotillion Hall, a dance studio, a clothing store, and most recently as a shelter for the homeless. The physical appearance of the space had changed with time. Whoever occupied the building changed it accordingly. With the passage of time, it changed through deterioration when it was not being used.
Change is important for growth, it allows us to be who we are. With time our memories and meanings of things change. This is a continuous process, but all changes are not equal. Some are desired or embraced, others are forced on us. Some changes are natural and gradual, others are artificial and aggressive. Some are painful and others are not. The placement of organic forms on the stage also connotes performance-through a process of denial leading away from one’s true self or, alternately, a type of confession.
How much do we become what others project on us? Where are we supposed to draw the line? Where’s the limit?