Ina Kaur

In a global cultural environment where identities and boundaries converge, one seeks to identify their complex identities. These identities are defined and influenced by our history, society, and the culture of our immediate surroundings. As an Indian woman living in a post-colonial and post-modern global environment my identity is an assimilation of varying influences from past and present, from both East and West, where nationalities and localities intersect.

My work examines the notion of identity; how a society defines identity, how hybrid identities are formed, and how identities are influenced by individual, collective, cultural and spiritual experiences. With a multi-cultural perspective, I try to integrate various elements, symbols and motifs of different cultures in a visual framework; as a response to our deceived perception of things and need to construct meaning.

The works voraciously explores my interest in linguistics and semantics. Through construction, reconstruction, and deconstruction, I conceptually critique constructs to develop an aesthetical interpretation. In doing so, I examine under layers of complexities, associated with notions of identity, whether it is to help define something or to limit it’s potential. Critically, language utilizes binary systems that are strictly defined as two theoretical oppositions to make contrasts between two mutually exclusive terms. My intention is to break away from this sort of opposition, which in my view limits and segregates mankind. The work investigates the synthesis between binary oppositions such as: East-West, local-global, ancient-modern, oriental-occidental, and how they coexist. It attempts to blur the boundaries between mediums and materials, and symbolically express my hybrid identity. It further explores a continuum of cross-cultural negotiation, and attempts to understand and bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary art practices.