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Kali (Raktabija) in us
Self-love (hate); Security (Insecurity); Humanism (Bloodlust); Generosity (Greed); Prosperity (Adversity); Harmony (Divergence)

In these current times, human has created and surrounded themselves ourselves with various demons. These times, when the environment and natural adversity is at it's high, Greed and shortsightedness create financial crises and disparity, our insecurities, a false sense of ownership, ego, and hate have brought bloodlust for the issues of territory and migrations. And our divergent attitudes have brought discrimination and radical racist ideologies to surface. All these adversities are self-created and self-inflected. We need to have the audacity to eradicate these demons of Insecurity, Hate, Bloodlust, Greed, Adversity, and Divergence within us. There is now a cry for a common and holistic need to re-examine the values we share as living beings and not as individuals. We have to cultivate the potential to contribute constructively to the development and well being of our societies, neighborhood, region, nation, and world. Our collective/ universal need is for Harmony, Prosperity, Generosity, Humanism, Security, and love.